Taniwha Story.

One day there was a Taniwha called hone he was so kind in the inside but looked scary and mean but he had a true heart . Whenever he vistied a vallage then  people will look horrified because of him . So he stayed in the sea for a while but little did he know a little kid was crying the Taniwha hone said are you okay  the little boy muffled something like yes quietly he told the Taniwha what happened to him the Taniwha hone the Taniwha understands him and hone the Taniwha taps his shoulder and say it’s ok the little boy told him his name his mike a 7 year old kid who lives with his family he came out to get some food but then a creepy ugly man took it that’s why he was crying . The Taniwha told him that he will help him and the taniwha said also that he will try make things better for Mike the little boy the end.

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