Maugarei Mt Wellington Trip Recount.

On the Mt Wellington when we were walking up the mountain I saw the sky tower and so many shops and almost the whole of New Zealand . When I was behind my teacher miss Lowans she told me some reason’s why they won’t let people drive on the mountain and that only workers can only go up with their construction cars . Next we went in the centre of the mountain we saw Ls1 with Ls2 we said hi as they were walking .The view on the mountain was beautiful and it had trees flowers buildings and construction work also lots of different mountains. Then we walked up this rocky trail it was steep and hard to walk on rocks because some of them were sharp and they hurt but some didn’t hurt as much as the others did .Afterthat we went all the way to the trig station were Trigonometrical stations are grouped together to form a network of triangulation.Next a man meeted us there and he told us things like maori’s got cows to cut the grass because they will eat it and more but his voice was a little bad because he had a crocky voice .Later we met Mr Johnstan at the middle of the mountain .Finally we had to take some photos and. we went down we saw room 3 and room 4 .Lastly we went to the bus and left.

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