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To learn how to use shapes and lines to make pictures.

This week on Friday we were learning about making stuff with shapes and I chose to make Mcdonalds and a Christmas tree.

First Mrs Grant told us to make something easy so I thought to make a Xmas tree.

Next I made a triangle and made it long so that it can look like a tree .

Afterthat I put circles and a star on and a little rectangle for the stem and a half of a octagon.

Then I put everything together with 3d present’s .

After that Mrs Grant told us to make something challenging so I decided to make Mcdonalds everything turned out very good .

Lastly I finshed my stuff and added a little bit more detail and then I published on my blog.


Kia orana! My name is Amarley.

Kia orana! My name is Amarley, I go to Panmure Bridge School. I am in year 5 and my teacher is Miss Lowans. She is so nice. My favourite subjects are Maths and  writing. I enjoy learning about Nature Maths and Elements.  I am good at cooking and baking in my own time.  My goal for this year is to write 300 Blogs. In my spare time I like to ride my bike.








Cyber smart

This week for cybersmart we are commenting.

First Mr Goodwin left a reply to one of the people that left a comment on the Jandal Throw . Someone for glenbrae saw our film and left a positive and respectful comment on there. So  Mr Goodwin explained about the task we had to do.

Next Mr Goodwin set us off and said we can get our Chromebooks now me and my friends wanted to sit together so we did . Mr Goodwin said we have to reply to five comments and we only got ten minutes because we were on the mat to long.

After That I went to reply to a girl from Glen Taylor and Glen Brae also someone from Point England school.

Finally I finished my replys and school was over.

I need to improve on reply more.

I did well at leaving a nice comment to be helpful.

I enjoyed listing.

Digital Footprints

For this task we had to check through my history and make a footpath.  We learned about digital footprints and how everything we do online will be there forever.  It is important for us to be mindful of what we do online and on a device.  I thought that this task was easy.


Hello world!

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