Year: 2024

Matariki sSter

This week for matariki week have be learning about stars so this is my one.

First I made a copy of the work and inserted a picture of a fish and trased it.

After that I did decorated it and inculded the stars and the star that Im doing.

Finally I made the seaweed and embed it and blogged it.

Tumbling toy

This week we have been making tumbling toys so im telling you the steps.

First get tape scissors paper a ruler and a pencil.

Next you have to measure the paper so that it is 8cm and 10cm.

Afterthat you have to fold it carefully and tape it.

Finallly you have to put a marble inside and thats it.

Here is my video.

Samoan Langugue week

This week is samoan Langugue week and we have been learning about samoan langugue week so this is my DLO.

First I picked my work mates and I picked Micaela and Azalea.

Next I made the Facts while Micaela and Azalea did the food.

Lastly we embed it and blogged it.

Correct Sentences

This week we have been learning about conpound,complex and simple sentences .

First Miss Lowans told my class to go on the writing slides.

Next I had to finish all the sentences and made sure that the sentences were correct.

Afterthat I had to made sure again that the sentences were correct and not mulled up.

Lastly I embed it and blogged.


This Monday fo Maths we were learning how to add up Area and the sides.

First we had to measure the squares and squares are 1 cm each.

Then we had to put it in and go down each slide.

After that we had to make sure it was correct.

Finally we had to blog


Today we have been learning about Area like how to calculate it.

First we calculated the sides and how much you put in.

After that I made sure that the sides were even.

Lastly I embed it and published it.

Making a Puppet.

This week my teacher told me  how to make a puppet and told me that I have to tell people what to do and the steps.

First you have to get thick piece of papper.

Next you have to draw a animal a person or a insect.

Afterthat you have to colour it in and add some detail to.

Finally you have to cut it out and put some stick pins in the puppet.