Month: June 2023

Matariki – Tupu-a-nuku

This week for Inquiry Miss Tele’a talked to us about Matariki and the different stars.  We had to choose which star we’d like to focus on, then complete the task that goes with it.

I chose to focus on Tupu-a-nuku which is about growing things in the earth.

I did well at writing

I enjoyed creating

Procedure Text

Today for Writing Miss White’s side did Procedure Text.

Procedure text means that any piece of writing that gives step-by-step instructions on how to do or make something. It comes from the word “procedure” where you have to follow an order of steps to achieve a goal. Fun fact, procedural texts belong in the non-fiction section of the library, as they are used in everyday life.

First I  had to make a DLO and put a Title and table boxes that means that you put little or big boxes.

Next I wrote down the steps that you have to use to wash your hands.

After that I made a picture for it and put it on.

Then I wrote down the products to wash your hand.

Latey I wrote the end  resolt. it will keep peoples hands clean fresh and nice smell.



Our food labeling

Today for inquriy ls1 did food labeling.Food labeling helps us because if there is no food labels then that means you will not know what ingredients it has inside the food and it might have allergen inside of it.

First I had to fine a buddy I picked valencia my friend.

After that we wrote about what it means and all about it.

Then we seached all kinds of food that we could do.

Eventually we chosed these foods like veggies,fruit,candy,Mcdonalds.

later we put all the pictures in and calories serving size.

Finally we went on our blogs and publish it.

Permanent poster

For cybersmart we learned about things that you click on,write or post it stays there  permanently.

For example intentionally swaring mocking inappropriate saying. Those are the things that are bad it could ruin your whole career or relationship and reputation. Even if you try delete it will stall be there. but you think its gone.

Character Mind Map

This week for reading we learned about Mind Map .

First we had to read the story

Then we had to make a copy of this.We needed to analyse a character’s perspective which includes their thoughts, mood, motivations and actins.

After that we filed  it up with questions and answers lastly we had to publishe it.

At the end I enjoy doing this, because

I did the character Kane.

Food safety

For inquiry we learned about food saftey. First we had to do a a DLO about it then we had to write some facts about it.

Like why it is what is import and like more facts then we got pictures of it afterthat we have to publishe it.