Year: 2023


This week LS1 watch half of the Grinch Movie & did this dialoge & then matching the sentences together so it can make a actually sentence & the Grinch Movie is actually pretty funny watch it it’s really cool : Here Is My Work.

Comic strip

This week for the Summer Learning Journey On Monday we have a really fun task

First Miss Tele’a told us we starting the Summer Learning Journey & then Miss Tele’a told us what we have to do & then Miss Tele’a said we can make this like a story of our own with cool background & people & some other cool objects matching with the background that’s really cool but we all have to register.

Next i started working on my comicstrip but is started in my Kick Start & because i am starting on my Kick Start is because you have to beacuse the step it up to make it a little challenging for you to able to finish all your Summer Learning Journey is able to get some cool prizes really really cool but very expensive.

Lastly i was done with my comic strip & then started blogging it & then link my work on to my blog & then started blogging a caption for my blog post,15 minutes later done & then publish it onto my blog & then got one point got a lot to do but worth to get cool prizes.


This week for Inquiry we were doing designing & labelling a sleigh & making a document what we were going to use &  how to make the sleigh all you need is

  • red Cardstock
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • iceblock sticks


This week for reading we are learning to make infrences using evidence from the text.

First Miss Sinclair Disscused with  us what to do for the Google slides.

After that we had to finish it of and also the slides that had majoraty of the quetions.

Then we had to do a story using the image on it,

Next we had to show Miss Sinclair to blog.

Finally we had to Blog.

I did well at focusing.

I enjoyed everything.

I neeed to improve on nothing.

Supply and Demand

This week for reading everyone in LS1 did the same one we were learning about supply & demand.

First we split into our A & B groups because we were doing HPE to so Group A went to HPE first & then we went to shotput & then after that we went to play dogtail.

Next we came back inside to switch with group B & then Miss Tele’a started explaining what we have to do & then we went off to do our reading i was finished because it was so easy.

Laslty i was done blogging & then put it onto my reading folder & then publish it to my blog & link it to my must do list.

I need to improve on making it better .

I did well at reading.

I liked the task.


This week for HPE LS1 did shotput and high jump.

First we did high jump, we were tought 2 different landings. Scissor, and just landing on our bottom. I perfer just landing on the bottom, its funner and more comforble than just puting a hard object on a soft surface.

The next day LS1 group A did shotput, we revised this since we did this back in week 5 – 6. This time I threw futher than normal.

Lastly I bloged.

I enjoyed doing high jump the most since it is really fun to land.

I need to improve on throughing it.

I was good at throwing the shotput .

How to subtract Decimals.

This week in math I have been learning about Decimals and how to subtract them.

My first task was to complete a work sheet that had subtration and addition in it that we had to complete, but because we did adition last week we did subtraction this week.  A hard part was the last row because the ones was all zero and it had more challenging tenths and hundredths questions.

My Second and final task was to write how to subtract decimals to subtract decimals you need to minice the hundredths, minice the tenths, minice the ones and minice  the tens, but to put it in simpler terms just do the opisite of adding. This is my example of how to add decimals.

I enjoyed this task because I got to subtract decimals which I had not done in a long time.

I need to work on adding and subtracing decimals.

I improved on showing how I worked it out.


This week we did Inquiry and is about our product for the gala next week.

First we had to make a advertisment for the gala and for our book mark and our pencil case then we had to make a copy of the book mark templates and share it to my group that I have to work with for inquiry then when we finsh we had to make the product but then miss tele’a said that we had to do a pencil holder because there was not enough pringle container for all of us to use so we so to make enough for all of us then miss tele’a would cut it in half to make a pencil holder.

Next we had to make a plan for our product then we had to do it on the pringle container.

Lastly we had to make a blog about what we did in Inquiry.

I enjoyed making the product for the gala.

I did well at fitting the papper on the can .

I need to Improve on adding more on my signs


This week for maths I had to learn about decimals.

First I had to work on a sheet of paper solveing equations the were decimals. Decimals are used to write a number that is not whole. Decimal numbers are numbers that are in between whole numbers. An example of this is, 12.5, which is a decimal number that is in-between 12 and 13. It is more than 12, but it is less than 13.

Next I had to make a DLO explaning how to use decmals in money. This is how to add decimals with money. So to add decimals with money think of an decimal equation like 564.78 +386.90. The cents are the two last digits and the coins are the 1st 2nd or 3rd numbers at the beginning. So back on to the example. So if the last digit had any number that is in the tens column or twenty collum like 13 the second number would be used to place and if you have a 1 or 2 left you carry on that first number.

Figure it out gala.

This week for Miss White maths group we learned about how to use our problem solving skills to work out the gala set up.

What is a school Gala? A school gala is where people sales things that others would like to buy or want. For example : You are saling a pencil case. When people walks towards it they would want to buy it so they will give you a token of how much it cost.

First, Miss White explained to us what we are learning for today. We are learning about solving skills and how to use our problems. For example : the problem is “The goldfish is selfish and never wants to share anything with us”. The solving part will be “Until the goldfish realises he was a selfish fish that won’t share anything with other people or creatures so he decides to share and make everyone happy again.

Next, Miss White told us that we have to make a copy of the google slide that talks about figuring it out at the gala. There are 14 slides to complete. When we finished making a copy of the google slide we had to look at the slide and work out each question. We also had to use different partners each slide. My partner for each slide was Armani, Hasna, Ziv, Valencia, Sila, Hasna, Brooke, Myah, and other people. Those are the partners I used for each slide.

Lastly, we had to go through each slide and answer the questions. One of the questions was date dilema. In the date dilemma we had to go look at the calendar and see what date suits most people and way. I picked the 29th because there is a 50% (percent) chance that there is a strong wind and there’s another 50% chance that it would or could be weak. When I finished some of the slides we had to draw a bar graph on a book or a chromebook to see which one is the best and who has the most votes.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at answering all of the questions on the google slide. I need to improve on doing more bar graphs about the school gala.